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Perishable goods like vegetables and fruits can be preserved in various ways. For legumes like green beans, preservation may be done through canning.Storage and preservation of green beans could be poisonous and deadly even, ifincorrectly done. Canning green beans can be challenging for some though, since chefs and food experts will tell you that best pressure cooker is a must-have if you want to keep those green beans for future use. So, head over power pressure cooker reviews to get some idea. But what would you do if there were no pressure cooker around? Below are some tips on how to can green beans without a pressure cooker.

Change your preservation style: use hot water bath method of canning. There are other ways you can preserve green beans. Canning through pressure cooker is the most common and convenient way of doing it. But using the water bath method can do essentially the same thing. Other way to say this is to pickle your green beans before putting them in jars for storage that is, soaking the green beans to vinegar solution.

Sterilize your jars. The most important thing about canning is the cleanliness of the storage jars. Allowing even the slightest, tiniest bacteria will spoil whatever veggie or fruits you will place in there. Prepare your jars by removing the lids and washing it through running water and soap. After perfectly rinsing it, put the jars in a huge pot of boiling water. Let it stay there for several minutes to make sure that it is properly sterilized.

Select the right green beans and put them in jars. After selecting the right green beans, put them in the jar and include one onion clove. Now prepare the vinegar solution by cooking 4 cups of white vinegar, with 4 cups of water, � cup of pickling salt and a tablespoon of red pepper flakes. Stir until you see that everything has been dissolved. Pour the solution into the jar, but make sure to leave about .5 inch space on top, so as to leave a room for any possible expansion. Proceed then by clearing the bubbles.

Seal the jars and put them in water bath canner. Once the jars are ready, you can now put it inside the canner and boil it for 10 to 15 minute. When doing this, make sure that you do not soak the entire jars into the boiling water. Leave at least the 1-inch top of the jars above the water. Afterwards, you have to check which jars were sealed properly and which were not. Do this by pressing the jars’ lids. Those that clicked had not been properly sealed and thus, may be spoiled if not stored at the fridge. Otherwise, properly sealed jars can be placed in cabinets and other dry storage places.

Preserving perishable goods can be tricky. Improperly doing it can spoil the food and may cause serious illnesses. And while the process of canning green beans could be relatively simple, absence of tools like pressure cooker may pose serious challenge to the household. Pickling or soaking the green beans to vinegar solution can be the remedy. Water bath method is a close alternative to canning green beans by pressure cooker.