Fun Facts

5 Shocking Truths about Ale Beers


You may think that you have seen, heard or tasted everything there is to ale beers, but that would be a huge misconception. There is a whole façade about ale that has been hidden from the world until now. The information is interesting enough to blow anyone’s mind, especially those who love the drink. Ales have been around for the longest time, but just when you think that you know everything about them, a new truth emerges. Some of the facts that will knock your socks over include;

1) Did you know that two pints of strong ale beer put a man only slightly high on the government’s alcohol content requirements while one and a half a pint of the same beverage will put a woman way over the requirements of a breathalyzer? It is an amazing fact that nobody can really explain, although it is undoubtedly proven to be the truth. A fact like this is what makes ale beers, so special, so many centuries down the line. They are unpredictable and refreshing no matter how many times you have nursed the same bottle.

2) Did you know that a pint of ale beer contains as many calories as a bagel? This is quite another very refreshing truth about the age old beverage. If only it were food, then some people would live on it because of its refined tastes that never taste the same twice no matter how many types of ale you drink. Who would have thought that eating a bagel and drinking a pint of ale beer would be almost the same thing in terms of energy quotient? It definitely wasn’t me.


3) Did you also know that ale had a conversion rate of 40%? Statistics have shown that once people taste ale beers they never go back to drinking bland beverages. It is not quite a surprise because the drink sure has an allure that many cannot resist. What is surprising is that those numbers are not soaring seeing as the beverage is a fusion of flavors and blends that tantalize the taste buds.

4) Did you also know that ale beers are associated with bearded men? It is a fact though that 32% of women take the beverage regularly. This proves a point that ale is not so much a male drink. Even women cannot resist the unforgettable taste and buzz that ale leaves on the bodies of its consumers. According to this statistic, quite a number of women can recognize something phenomenal and stick with it.

5) Did you know that ale beers have been reinvented? Drinking ale these days is not equivalent to what it used to be. You would be every bit surprised if you were to walk into an ale den expecting to see pot bellied, bearded men in khaki clothes. The beverage is now taken in style and sophistication because certainly times have changed. As a result the mindsets, tastes and preferences have evolved.

All lovers of ale have testimony that there is just something special about the beverage. It pulls at the heartstrings as well as the taste buds of anyone that gives them a try.