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How to Cook Beer Battered Deep Fried Recipes

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Beer is not only intoxicating to your nerves, if applied cleverly while cooking it can be as intoxication as to your taste glands also. Beer as we all know contains significant amount of alcohol but apart from that it is also the proud owner of foaming agent and our breathing excretions, Carbon Dioxide. This mutual complementing interplay of 3 ingredients makes beer the most promising batter in the kitchen industry. After hearing all these your stomach is curving for a beer batter dish, and as beer is quite common in your refrigerator the entire mission of accomplishing the beer cooking act will not be very hard nut to crack. Wondering how to cook beer battered deep fried recipes? Here we have detailed it for your easy understanding.

Recipe: Fish fried with beer

Beer is a royal drink and when used as a batter also demands a royal treatment, and hence fish is best item to complement it in the race of royal show off. Fish deep fried under beer batter is finger licking good; chances are there that you may chew your fingers as well. Nail the art of this tongue leaking dish.

First what you need

Ingredients are very simple like for obvious reasons fish and beer, then oil to fry and salt, pepper to marinate, garlic to add up the spicy quotient, flour to tamper the liquidity of beer and obviously king of all fried dish, egg.


  • Wash the fish thoroughly, allow it to dry completely and marinate with salt pepper and garlic and keep it aside for few hours.
  • Meanwhile accomplish the major part of the recipe, the batter making stunt. Add egg and flour, mix it thoroughly then slowly and gently pour beer into it. And then again rigorously mix it. More mixing allows more air inside, which is proportional to more juiciness. You need to add salt within it, but mind your taste during that.
  • Now deep the fish within this batter and fry it profusely. A stain of golden brown, signals the end point of frying reaction.

Machine which will help you to fry it perfectly:

This entire frying and cooking act can be achieved at micro consistently and accuracy if you use deep fryers. As they work on an optimized temperature and adjust it accordingly. So there is no fear of over frying or charring. You can also effectively trawl that extra flowing oil after frying, while using deep fryer. You will enjoy this marvelously delicious dish along with French fries and a mug of chilled beer. Again French fries are best mould in deep fryers.

Though the question how to cook beer battered deep fried recipes… looks simple, it isn’t that simple. So, gear up your chef cap and apron and try this dish and surprise your partner in a hypnotizing way. The mystery is heat of induction is vented out through the beer and not through fish, and hence juicy and crispy and not that hard and dry.


Do not over do with the alcohol quotient; please do not show off your money in this case. For example, never ever use champagne as a beer substitute, as those bubbles of champagne are short lived and hence do not render juicy taste to it.


11 Unknown Facts about Beer Brewing


Whether you are a casual drinker or a serious connoisseur, you probably do not give much thought about the incredible effort that goes behind the brew you are enjoying. The fact is that there are numerous interesting and little known tidbits from stories of the brewers themselves, scientific explanations and inventions and laws created just for beer. So how would you like to know a few facts about beer and brewing? Here we shall take a look at 11 unknown facts about beer brewing.

  1. Peruvian spit beer

Peruvian corn beer known as Chicha has spit as its secret ingredient. We all know that the human mouth can host many strange enzymes and bacteria, but did you know that some of these can be used in the malting process that used in brewing beer? this implies that fermentation of the corn can be initiated by chewing and moistening the corn in your mouth before spitting it out and adding it to the beer mix soaked in saliva. Nowadays most people have replaced the spit with malted barley, but there are still some people who, to date; still make it with the spit.

  1. Beer and water

Did you know that water a critical factor in the quality of a beer? No amount of fine ingredients or skill will substitute the quality of water used in brewing beer. You will find many breweries choosing their location solely due to the fact that the is quality water in the vicinity. Purity of the water is key; that explains why most home brewers find unpleasant surprises because they use chlorinated tap water. It is good to note that water in various places differ in taste hence in the beer making quality. Also, many people hold the belief that the best waters for making beer come from the mountains of Ireland; what makes Guinness.

  1. Beer and Marijuana

Did you know that beer and marijuana are close relatives? the Cannabaceae family which includes the marijuana plant, cannabis sativa, also include the flavoring agent in beer known as hops.

  1. The Foam

The foam at the top of a beer glass is very critical as it speaks volumes about the beer quality. The lack of this foamy head can mean that the beer is bland-tasting and probably flat. According to foam enthusiasts, the Holy Grail is the Brussels lace, foam that when the glass is emptied, stays on the glass forming a lace-like pattern. This is only possible beer of high-quality. You will never find Brussels Lace on a dirty beer glass, so the drinker will know their beer glass has not been properly cleaned.

  1. Darkness is good for beer.
  2. The hop compounds usually react with ultraviolet light and emit a skunky aroma. To prevent this, beer is usually stored in brown bottles.
  3. In Egypt, the pyramids builders used to receive about 4 litres of beer a day. The Nile water was so polluted that beer was regarded a healthier drink.
  4. Did you know that there is a name for the fear of having an empty beer bottle? Cenosillicaphobia. Now you know.
  5. This might sound rather disgusting, but did you know that facial hair can produce drinkable beer? An Oregon brew master has discover how to collect yeast from his beard for use in fermenting beer.
  6. Brewing beer was the responsibility of women in most ancient societies
  7. We all know pasteurization in milk, but did you know that Louise Pasteur tested the bacteria killing process in beer before turning to milk?
  8. Over 30,000 people visit Denver each fall for ‘The Great American Beer Festival’. At the festival people talk about beer, drink beer, learn about home brew beer and can even try a few kinds of home brew beer.

Now you can go have that beer talk with your drinking buddies in between sips with these sharable beer facts. For home brewers now you know how to avoid those unpleasant surprises with these amazing facts.



How to can tomatoes without a pressure cooker

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pressure cooker recipe to can beans

Perishable goods like vegetables and fruits can be preserved in various ways. For legumes like green beans, preservation may be done through canning.Storage and preservation of green beans could be poisonous and deadly even, ifincorrectly done. Canning green beans can be challenging for some though, since chefs and food experts will tell you that best pressure cooker is a must-have if you want to keep those green beans for future use. So, head over power pressure cooker reviews to get some idea. But what would you do if there were no pressure cooker around? Below are some tips on how to can green beans without a pressure cooker.

Change your preservation style: use hot water bath method of canning. There are other ways you can preserve green beans. Canning through pressure cooker is the most common and convenient way of doing it. But using the water bath method can do essentially the same thing. Other way to say this is to pickle your green beans before putting them in jars for storage that is, soaking the green beans to vinegar solution.

Sterilize your jars. The most important thing about canning is the cleanliness of the storage jars. Allowing even the slightest, tiniest bacteria will spoil whatever veggie or fruits you will place in there. Prepare your jars by removing the lids and washing it through running water and soap. After perfectly rinsing it, put the jars in a huge pot of boiling water. Let it stay there for several minutes to make sure that it is properly sterilized.

Select the right green beans and put them in jars. After selecting the right green beans, put them in the jar and include one onion clove. Now prepare the vinegar solution by cooking 4 cups of white vinegar, with 4 cups of water, � cup of pickling salt and a tablespoon of red pepper flakes. Stir until you see that everything has been dissolved. Pour the solution into the jar, but make sure to leave about .5 inch space on top, so as to leave a room for any possible expansion. Proceed then by clearing the bubbles.

Seal the jars and put them in water bath canner. Once the jars are ready, you can now put it inside the canner and boil it for 10 to 15 minute. When doing this, make sure that you do not soak the entire jars into the boiling water. Leave at least the 1-inch top of the jars above the water. Afterwards, you have to check which jars were sealed properly and which were not. Do this by pressing the jars’ lids. Those that clicked had not been properly sealed and thus, may be spoiled if not stored at the fridge. Otherwise, properly sealed jars can be placed in cabinets and other dry storage places.

Preserving perishable goods can be tricky. Improperly doing it can spoil the food and may cause serious illnesses. And while the process of canning green beans could be relatively simple, absence of tools like pressure cooker may pose serious challenge to the household. Pickling or soaking the green beans to vinegar solution can be the remedy. Water bath method is a close alternative to canning green beans by pressure cooker.


5 Shocking Truths about Ale Beers


You may think that you have seen, heard or tasted everything there is to ale beers, but that would be a huge misconception. There is a whole façade about ale that has been hidden from the world until now. The information is interesting enough to blow anyone’s mind, especially those who love the drink. Ales have been around for the longest time, but just when you think that you know everything about them, a new truth emerges. Some of the facts that will knock your socks over include;

1) Did you know that two pints of strong ale beer put a man only slightly high on the government’s alcohol content requirements while one and a half a pint of the same beverage will put a woman way over the requirements of a breathalyzer? It is an amazing fact that nobody can really explain, although it is undoubtedly proven to be the truth. A fact like this is what makes ale beers, so special, so many centuries down the line. They are unpredictable and refreshing no matter how many times you have nursed the same bottle.

2) Did you know that a pint of ale beer contains as many calories as a bagel? This is quite another very refreshing truth about the age old beverage. If only it were food, then some people would live on it because of its refined tastes that never taste the same twice no matter how many types of ale you drink. Who would have thought that eating a bagel and drinking a pint of ale beer would be almost the same thing in terms of energy quotient? It definitely wasn’t me.


3) Did you also know that ale had a conversion rate of 40%? Statistics have shown that once people taste ale beers they never go back to drinking bland beverages. It is not quite a surprise because the drink sure has an allure that many cannot resist. What is surprising is that those numbers are not soaring seeing as the beverage is a fusion of flavors and blends that tantalize the taste buds.

4) Did you also know that ale beers are associated with bearded men? It is a fact though that 32% of women take the beverage regularly. This proves a point that ale is not so much a male drink. Even women cannot resist the unforgettable taste and buzz that ale leaves on the bodies of its consumers. According to this statistic, quite a number of women can recognize something phenomenal and stick with it.

5) Did you know that ale beers have been reinvented? Drinking ale these days is not equivalent to what it used to be. You would be every bit surprised if you were to walk into an ale den expecting to see pot bellied, bearded men in khaki clothes. The beverage is now taken in style and sophistication because certainly times have changed. As a result the mindsets, tastes and preferences have evolved.

All lovers of ale have testimony that there is just something special about the beverage. It pulls at the heartstrings as well as the taste buds of anyone that gives them a try.


The 10 Best Ales for Every Occasion


There are certain beers that can transcend all boundaries of taste and preference. These ales are few and far between, but if you are lucky enough to find one, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable culinary treat. What follows is a list of 10 ales that we feel will provide beer lovers a level of satisfaction only associated with a world-class, “transcendant” brew. Enjoy!

1. Westvleteren 12 (Belgian).

We kick off the list with perhaps the most acclaimed beer in history. Brewed by Belgian Trappist monks since 1838, Westvleteren 12 sets the bar for quality and taste. If you are fortunate enough to try a glass of 12, you will be greeted by a, “nutty, yeasty aroma and taste,” with, “hints of coconut and caramel,” according to Westvleteren’s brewers. Because the beer is rarely distributed outside of Belgium, the beer is both expensive and hard to find, but specialty shops may carry the beer seasonally.

2. Russian River “Pliny the Younger” (IPA).

With a 100/100 rating in all categories from RateBeer, Russian River’s flagship triple IPA boasts strong, hoppy overtones with notes of citrus and a smooth finish. The beautiful orange color of the beer adds to its legendary reputation as one of the rarest and most sought after beers in the world. It’s only available for two weeks from the first Friday in February, so get ready to jump on the opportunity when you can!

3. Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA.

Known for their continuous hopping process, Dogfish Head is world renowned for their amazing IPAs. Their 90 minute Ale is perhaps the most universally lauded of the bunch, and it certainly lives up to its lofty reputation. Balancing a whopping 10% ABV with a sweet, fruity palate, Dogfish Head’s 90 minute IPA is sure to please almost all IPA lovers (maybe a few skeptics, too!).

4. Stone Russian Imperial Stout.

One of the more ubiquitous companies on this list, Stone Brewing has been a well-known staple in the beer community. While Stone’s Russian Imperial isn’t for those on a diet, boasting a whopping 315 calories per serving, this flagship brew lets you savor every drop, and offers hints of berries, coffee, and anise. Better yet, you can find it at almost any retailer!

5. Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA. We couldn’t leave Firestone Walker’s most popular brew off of this list, simply because it’s one of the best brews that you can find. Offering a plethora of bold, citrusy flavor, combined with a sweet, mellow finish, Union Jack strikes a rare balance between drinkability and richness. With a 99/100 rating from RateBeer, 2 awards from the Great American Beer Festival, Union Jack is a can’t miss.

6. Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a good doppelbock. Aged for over 6 months, Celebrator offers a rich, aromatic palate with hints of chocolate and a malty, sweet finish. Celebrator’s bold, caramel color is also aesthetically pleasing, and is sure to entice beer drinkers of all preference. As an added bonus, anyone who buys a bottle of Celebrator gets a small plastic toy to go with it!

7. Mack and Jack’s African Amber.

Yes, this beer is a household name for most beer drinkers, but we’re going to include it on this list anyways. Why? Not only is Mack and Jack’s Amber one of the best “social beers” out there (it’s an excellent beer for a reasonable price), but it also boasts a floral palate with rich, hoppy overtones and a light, malty finish. This beer is ideal for those who prefer a lighter beer that doesn’t skimp on taste.

8. Trappistes Rochefort 10 (Belgian).

Trappist monks in Rochefort have been brewing since 1595, and continue to produce beer that’s reflective of their rich history. Like Westvleteren 12, this beer boasts a near perfect taste and aroma, and is suitable for anyone who desires a good “sipping” beer. With a pitch black color balanced with notes of cheese, apple, and cinnamon, Rochefort 10 is yet another Belgian ale that has impressed beer aficionados from around the world.

9. Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA.

Consistently a favorite among parties and social events, Torpedo offers an amazing taste to match its popularity. With hints of citrus and tropical fruit, combined with a light and colorful body, Torpedo gives everyone the taste and drinkability they crave to kick off their night.

10. 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera.

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without a lambic (“fruit beer”), and it’s only suitable to include 3 Fonteinen to round out the list. Unparalleled in its acclaim, 3 Fonteinen is aged for nearly a year in Cherry casks, which give the brew a bouquet rich in fruity and nutty overtones, and a sour yet balanced finish. Check this beer out if you’re interested in something a little different!

Hopefully, this list will give you the inspiration you need to select the beer of your dreams. No matter what type of beer you prefer, you should give these Ales a try, because they have proven to connoisseurs around the world that they are the best of the best. Happy hunting!